Next activity of the Classical Festival 2023

Tribute to Baltasar Bibiloni. The children’s choirs of the Professional Conservatory of Music and Dance of Mallorca and the medium and large Rodamon choirs and the Vint&sing Choir of the Escola Ireneu Segarra will perform his cantata Trasantlàntida in the fetal version by the same composer for instrument quartet. He will direct the function na Margalida Roca

Choir of the elementary level of the Professional Music Conservatory of Mallorca

Dir.: Jaume Roca

Rodamon corals

Dir.: Margalida Roca

Choral Twenty&sing

Dir.: Catalina Picó

Emili Vivas Mora, clarinet

Angela Puig, cello

Paco Vicedo, percussion

Constanza Aguiló piano

Saturday 27 May at 12 noon. of 2023

Auditorium of the Professional Music Conservatory. Palma

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