VOKALARS: Bordes of the soul

On October 10th, one of the most important white-voiced choirs in the whole state, the VokalArs choir conducted by Núria Fernández Herranz, will perform at the 1830 Academy Classics Festival.
They present a program with 19th and 20th century authors called: The frontiers of the soul where they explore the different expressive possibilities of the choir of women’s voices.

Church of Sant Felip Neri, next Saturday, October 10 at 7 p.m.
Tickets: € 15. Advance: € 12. Students under 18: € 7. Children under 12: free.
Sale online: www.giglon.com

Before the concert, its director, Núria Fernández, will offer a rehearsal open to the public where she will comment on the repertoire and answer any questions the public may have. This activity will be free.

Open rehearsal: Church of Sant Felip Neri. 5 p.m.



Founded in 2004, VokalArs is a group with an extraordinary potential for the realization-lización of artistic projects to the being fear integration professionals of different fields hundreds musical.
Apart from the head superintendent, Nuria Fernández Herranz, the group has sung with guest conductors such as Javier Busto, José de Felipe, María Guinand (Venezuela), Michael McGlynn (Ireland), Lorenzo Donati (Italy) and Eric van Nevel ( belga-es), among others. Throughout these years he has participated in festivals and cycles in much of the portal Spain and Realized tour of Europe.
VokalArs always committed to contemporary music from the performance and from the compositions, releasing a rich list of works by various composers, such as Onda Gjeilo, David Romero, Eva Ugalde, Julio Domínguez, Ko Matsushita, Michael McGlyn, Bart Vandewegue, Dante Andreo, Asís Márquez and María José Á. Borondo.
In 2014 VokalArs became a resident group of the Festival Septiembre Coral in the Castillo de Manzanares el Real Organized by the Community of Madrid and Produced by the Asociación Musical Cantemus.
He has won awards and recognitions in the following competitions:
▫ 33º International May Choir Competition Prof. Georgi Dimitrov, in Varna (Bulgaria)
▫ 12º Internationaler Kammerchor Wettbewerb, Marktoberdorf (Germany)
▫ 57º Torrevieja International Habaneras and Polyphony Contest
▫ III State Choir Contest “acapella” of Berrioplano-Navarra
▫ XIV Antigua Choral Contest Choir Competition of Zumárraga-Basque Country

Belén Alhama Alamillo
Zulyma Blanco Maldonado
Belén Dolado Moreno
Carmen Pérez González
Rosario Sánchez Monsálvez
Araiz Zubimendi Alberdi
Nuria Avendaño García
Eloísa Cotobal Collado
Elena Díaz Martí
Cristina Fraga Martínez
Cristina López Fraile
Sara Rodríguez Gallego
Araceli Salazar Nicolás
Melania Suárez Pérez
María José Álvarez Borondo
Paqui César Benavides
Soledad Ferreras Mencía
Isabel López Fraile
María Jesús Martín Blázquez
Antonia Muñoz Rodríguez
Miriam Ramírez Costa
Mónica Rodríguez Loranca
Amalia Rodríguez Ramírez
Yosune Urrecho Rivas
Ángela Úbeda Cuadrado
Artistic direction: Nuria Fernández Herranz

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