“The singer-athlete: resources and tools for good physical / vocal condition”, Lorena Garcia

Recently, articles have appeared in the media that establish similarities between athletes and musicians: increased heart rate, muscle strain, mental wear and tear. But is this comparison completely accurate? And if so, what kind of physical training would a singer need to embark on a real “tour de force” in major symphonic-choral productions, an opera, or a recital? After 25 years accompanying / teaching singers of all levels and styles, and working closely with phoniatrists, osteopaths, dancers, athletes and personal trainers, Lorena García (soprano, speech therapist, therapist, pedagogue and researcher) brings us some answers through this theoretical-practical workshop. Through a series of daily exercises and materials, we will embark on an exciting journey to discover what muscular, postural, mental and emotional routines can make a true singer-athlete.

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