Dear friends,

We begin the activities of the Classical Festival for this 2021 with a concert of contemporary music, with a concert co-produced with the association Espai Sonor:

The Valencia ,Instrumental Group one of the most prestigious groups in the country of contemporary music with more than 30 years of life. On this occasion, the group, in a basic formation, presents a wide and diverse panorama of essential names of the new Spanish composition (Luis de Pablo, Cristobal Halffter, Gabriel Erkoreka, etc) under the title Just one day.

Created in 1991 with the impetus of the Generalitat Valenciana under the auspices of the INAEM and the Ministry of Culture, its primary purpose is the interpretation and recovery of works and contemporary Spanish authors, the premiere of new works by young composers and the dissemination of masterpieces of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. It was awarded in 2005 with the National Prize of Music in the modality of Interpretation. This recognition and its continuous presence on Spanish stages for almost 30 years have made it one of the fundamental protagonists and an indispensable element to know and participate in the new Spanish music.

Sunday, March 14th

Xesc Forteza Theater in Palma, 7 p.m.

Free admission by invitation

www.palmacultura.cat     https://palmacultura.koobin.cat/ 

One hour before the concert at the teather

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